With great hope and trepidation, comic book geeks the world over greet the release of Watchmen tomorrow. Can Zach Snyder’s film version of perhaps the most admired and influential graphic novel of all time ever hope to live up to our impossibly high expectations? Probably not.

But at least they tried, going so far as to get Jim Kakalios — he of the Physics of Superheroes fame (shown on the Geekend here and here) — to be their superhero-science adviser. Case in point, this video explaining the scientific “logic” behind nigh-omnipotent Dr. Manhattan. It rates about an 8.6 on the dork-o-meter, so at least Watchmen has that kind of nerd cred going for it. Whether that translates to dramatic or commercial success, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Found via SFSignal.)