One thing I hate is not having the tech I need when I’m on the road. So I’ve put together some essentials. Of course, everybody is different so you’ll have your own needs, but these five are the pieces of travel tech I recommend:

1. A Tablet. We’re going to assume you have a smartphone, but I love a tablet for travel. It’s my TV on the plane and in the hotel, and what I use to read both books and the news. Depending on your space, a 7-inch on up to 12-inch can work. I personally carry a 12-inch iPad.

2. I need to do a lot on my hotel internet connection, including broadcasting video. So this site gives me a good look at whether the hotel has enough bandwidth to keep me on the air. It gathers its info from speed tests conducted by guests at the hotels.

3. The FlightAware app. When my plane isn’t at the gate, the first thing I do is look it up on FlightAware to see if it’s left the previous airport. If it has, I can see how far it has to go before it lands.

4. TripIt. This is the best itinerary manager app I’ve used. I can email my flight and hotel confirmations and it will automatically construct them into a readable itinerary then keep me up to date on flight and gate changes. I even can forward my frequent flyer points statements to it for tracking.

5. Power. Both a USB battery charger for phones and tablets and a power strip. You can make a lot of friends in some airports if you bring a power strip along and let other folks plug in. As for USB battery chargers, you can go as small as the 1500mAh TravelCard charger which is the size of a credit card, all the way up to the 26800mah RAVPower charger with three ports.

Travel’s stressful enough without having the tech you need. Hope these bring you smooth sailing. Or flying. Or walking?

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