Since launching our IT Dojo video series in April, we’ve aired more than 30 episodes. Within all those Windows, Mac, and Linux tweaks, networking tips, and IT best practices there were a few videos that really stood out. In this IT Dojo video, I’ll count down the five most popular episodes of 2008.

Once you’ve watched the countdown, you can check out each of our top 10 IT Dojo videos with the following links:

  1. Reset Windows passwords with the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor
  2. How to spoof a MAC address
  3. Speed up Windows XP with these Performance Options tweaks
  4. Three ways you might be breaking the law with your computer
  5. Create your own bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP
  6. Take control of any Windows PC on the Internet with CrossLoop
  7. Five services you can turn off in Windows XP
  8. Three tools that network administrators can’t live without
  9. Track a user’s Internet Explorer History with IEHistoryView
  10. Restore the Address toolbar removed by Windows XP SP3

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