2009 has been a great year for TR Dojo. We aired more than 50 episodes, moved to a widescreen player, and started offering transcripts. Within all those Windows, Mac, and Linux tweaks, networking tips, and IT best practices there were a few videos that really stood out. In this TR Dojo episode, I count down the five most popular episodes of 2009 and thank everyone who made the year so successful.

Once you’ve watched the countdown, you can check out each of our top 10 TR Dojo videos with the following links:

  1. Five features that will make you love Windows 7
  2. Five cool things you can do with a USB flash drive
  3. Five Windows command-prompt tips every IT pro should know
  4. Three critical things to do before reinstalling Windows
  5. Five must-have Firefox add-ons
  6. Five technical certifications that earn top dollar
  7. Restore files from a damaged hard drive with ZAR
  8. Firefox about:config hacks that can speed up and customize your browser
  9. Find and delete hidden Windows Vista and XP device drivers
  10. Five dumb mistakes IT pros make that can mess up their networks

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