TROLOV — that’s TR Out Loud on Video — is back in full action this week! Find out what discussions and members have been most active on the boards, and then sit back and enjoy the submissions sent in by the TR community.  If you’re not a fan of video, you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. 10 signs of incompetent managers
  2. Microsoft Windows 7 final pricing is revealed and analyzed
  3. How to introduce high school students to programming
  4. Which characters do you want to see in the Star Trek sequel?
  5. GASP! I’m Shocked….TR is giving my wife SWAG!

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Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena over the past week

  1. Jacky Howe (5 thumbs)
  2. bwilmot and The Scummy One (4 thumbs)
  3. OH Smeg (3 thumbs)
  4. Shellbot, 1bn0, and CaptBilly1Eye (2 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week

  1. Palmetto (192 posts)
  2. jdclyde (113 posts)
  3. boxfiddler (107 posts)
  4. Shellbot (99 posts)
  5. OH Smeg (93 posts)

TR Member participation

Thanks to Lianna of, dotolbert, shasca, Peconet Tietokoneet, BFilmFan, Hal 9000, The Scummy One, KSoniat, NickNielsen, and S!ick for participating in this episode of TROLOV.  These folks are eligible for some free swag!

Last week’s Question of the Week was sent in by TR member The Scummy One: “Just how fast can one drive and still be considered ‘sane’?” And since TechRepublic is a Web site for IT professionals, I assumed he meant hard drive. Here are a few responses:

Hal 9000: “Personally I find these days that when driving most cars I’m not overly comfortable much faster than about 160 MPH unless it’s a good car and then it depends on what the car is capable of doing safely. When I’m Hard Driving the Ducati I’m very comfortable with 320 KPH on the open road mainly because at that speed I start to get some decent petrol consumption of somewhere around 40 Miles per gallon at what are called Legal Speeds I get about 40 gallons per mile or at least that’s how it feels. But at 110 KPH the bike is still in second gear at 3,000 RPM which is the slowest that you can run a Bevel Drive Ducati Engine at and retain enough Oil Pressure to keep the engine safe. Not sure about the more modern Dicati’s but they are no fun at all to ride so I don’t bother.”

NickNielsen: “It’s situational. On a motorcycle, I’ve not been faster than 95 and that was on a closed course. Given the right car and suitable road, I did not hesitate to reach speeds of 150 mph. On most American interstates, anything over 80 is insane and anything over 100 is suicidal.”

BFilmFan: “I can’t drive 55!”

KSoniat: “Let’s find out how fast Scummy has driven so we know the point of insanity, and we’ll work back from there.”

The Scummy One: “As I hit a mountain road, corners posted 20MPH (including S-turns) I started at 40 and came out between 55 -60 thinking, ‘I coulda gone faster.'”

This week’s Question of the Week was sent in by TR member S!ick: “Have you noticed any trends in school where they’re requesting more electronics, gadgets, etc. than they have before?” Please send your answers to trol at
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