Sure, it’s a federal holiday in the United States, but the show must go on! Will you find fireworks in this episode? YES! Will you find the top discussions and most active members of the week? An irate moderator? Photos sent in my TR members? Canned, fizzy lager? YES! YES! YES! and YES! If you’re not a fan of video (sorry about the Flash, Jaqui), you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. How do you convince potential employers that you’re not overqualified?
  2. Lines in the sand: 3 requests support techs should turn down
  3. TechRepublic’s new facelift at a glance
  4. Sanity check: Five things we have learned from Bill Gates
  5. Video: TR Out Loud – June 27, 2008

Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?

  1. True Blue and nepenthe0 (6 thumbs)
  2. Jellimonsta (5 thumbs)
  3. bwilmot (4 thumbs)
  4. dawgit (3 thumbs)
  5. OH Smeg, Old Mycroft, and technogeek-1995  (2 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week?

  1. jdclyde (356 posts)
  2. boxfiddler (257 posts)
  3. nepenthe0 (184 posts)
  4. Old Mycroft (164 posts)
  5. Oz_Media (138 posts)

Voice messages, e-mails, and photos = swag

Many thanks to CG IT, Mike_G, and CaptBilly1Eye for sending in photos. Also a big hug to CG IT for leaving a voice message. In addition, Nick Nielson and Hal 9000 sent in answers to Old Mycroft’s question about what names TR members have given to the their computers:

Nick Nielson:

For whatever reason, I’ve named my PCs as follows:

Windows XP desktop – Dora

Multi-boot (PCLOS/Ubuntu 8.04/Windows XP) – D.T

Laptop – Lazarus

Is it hard to tell I’m a Heinlein fan?

Hal 9000:

Well, as such I don’t name any of my computers except for the One off units that do only 1 job like the one I use for recording DVD’s — it is called DVD Recorder, though I do get a bit tired of moving Super 8 Movies and so on to DVD for some of my customers, and I don’t really have the time to spare doing this so there is 1 computer setup that can be left at different customers work or homes so that they can use it. Overall, they are all called FRED which stands for Ridiculous Electronic Device and we’ll just forget about the F bit.

The test rigs which are all on a Child Domain are just given a descriptive name covering their Hardware and if there are several of the same CPU type and speed they get called by something that makes the case stand out and be recognisable. As none of these are used for anything but testing new Hardware or Software there isn’t any security risk involved unless some Script Kiddie is so desperate to break in and steal the Vista Code I’m not at all concerned.

No one made suggestions about what Old Mycroft should name his new phone. Old Mycroft, look on the bright side… now you’re not going to be stuck calling your phone something that you don’t like!

Send all comments, questions, photos (more people and more pets, please!), and video clips to TROL at Should I even waste my breath or hands typing our voice mail info? This is one of the last times, people… our toll free number is (866)-414-CNET (2638) and our Skype ID is tr.out.loud.

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