TROLOV brings you another round of highlights at TechRepublic, including the top five discussions of the week and the members who are burning up the boards. TechRepublic’s Sonja Thompson wrangles Toni Bowers back in the studio this week by promising not to subject her to silly stunts. She lied. If you’re not a fan of video (sorry about the Flash, Jaqui), you can choose to just listen to the audio file… but you’ll miss something really good.

Top discussion threads:

  1. Your IT role and title may change and here’s why
  2. The 10 best ways to handle a job interview
  3. How to respond if a client asks you to lie
  4. My move from VB.NET to C#
  5. Sanity check: Will technology empower Gen Y to wipe away our institutions?

Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?

  1. OH Smeg(20 thumbs)
  2. True Blue (7 thumbs)
  3. The Scummy One and nepenthe0 (5 thumbs)
  4. Nimmo (4 thumbs)
  5. w2ktechman and robo_dev (3 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week?

  1. jdclyde (215 posts)
  2. boxfiddler (159 posts)
  3. nepenthe0 (152 posts)
  4. True Blue (110 posts)
  5. The Scummy One (109 posts)

Voice messages, e-mails, and photos = swag

We received quite a few more e-mails this past week. Many thanks to The Scummy One, Faradhi, TiggerTwo, Boxfiddler, Hal 9000, Ceespace, and S!ick for sending in photos. Also, Boxfiddler asked the following questions (send your answers to TROL at

  • How do TR members deal with discarding old cell phones, computer parts, CDs, and other electronic equipment?
  • Why is it only a very small group (4 or 5 of us) come out to play on Music Night? Are we overwhelming? Do we need a life? Do we have cr@ppy taste? Who cares about music?

Keep the e-mails coming, folks! Send your comments, questions, photos, and video clips to TROL at But don’t forget that we also have voice mail! Our toll free number is (866)-414-CNET (2638) and our Skype ID is tr.out.loud. If you see your e-mail or hear your voice message on TROLOV, that means that you’re eligible for free stuff. You can have your pick of some TR goodies, including mugs, shirts, toolkits, frisbees, disposable cameras, and the following list of premium products:

  • IT Vendor Management Tool Kit (CD-ROM)
  • IT Managers Hiring Tool Kit (CD-ROM)
  • PC Troubleshooter Resource Guide, Fifth Edition (Book with CD-ROM included)
  • Administrator’s Guide to Active Directory, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Security Survival Guide, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Professional’s Guide to Project Management, Volume 2 (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • Administrator’s Guide to TCP/IP, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Manager’s Guide to Business Strategy (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Professional’s Guide to Desktop Control, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)