Find out what topics were most popular in TechRepublic’s discussion threads this past week, and learn which TR members were most active in the Forums. Some of the other things you can expect in this episode are photos, a question of the week, and comments we pulled together from TechRepublic’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day. If you’re not a fan of video (sorry about the Flash, Jaqui), you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. Employers who check out job candidates on MySpace could be legally liable
  2. Should IT consultants pay for their stupid mistakes?
  3. Will Vista fill the void left by Windows XP?
  4. Is Linux the most secure OS?
  5. Summer Music on Friday Night Music June 20, 2008

Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?

  1. nepenthe0 (12 thumbs)
  2. True Blue and ThumbsUp2 (9 thumbs)
  3. OH Smeg (5 thumbs)
  4. Old Mycroft (4 thumbs)
  5. CaptBilly1Eye (3 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week?

  1. jdclyde (336 posts)
  2. boxfiddler (272 posts)
  3. Old Mycroft (167 posts)
  4. nepenthe0 (136 posts)
  5. w2ktechman (135 posts)

Voice messages, e-mails, and photos = swag

Many thanks to Boxfiddler, Jellimonsta, and Old Mycroft for sending in photos. Hal 9000 sent in an answer to Boxfiddler’s questions about recycling electronic equipment and TR’s Friday Night Music participation reluctance:

Depending on what is everything gets recycled as if it isn’t already in it soon will be that no Electronic Components can end up in Land Fill. Currently I have a deal with a local Battery Supplier to dump all the dead Batteries with them and they dispose of them. They are probably making money but it saves me the Time & Hassle of doing it myself.

The remaining bits and pieces are sent to a Local Computer Recycling Works minus any HDD’s as we don’t allow any HDD’s to leave the place at all. We pull these apart and destroy the Platters, the remaining bits of the HDD go to the Local Data Recovery House here for their use. I personally think that they keep the Circuit Boards in case they ever need them and sell on the Alloy as Scrap Metal though I’m not overly sure on that but they wouldn’t need the number of Drives that I give them.

That covers the Dead Equipment and HDD’s from decommissioned equipment. Working stuff either goes to a Local Tech College to teach Hardware Repair or their own use Particularly NB’s that are pulled out of Service as they don’t get enough of those.

Previously we used to Sell working Second Hand Equipment that had passed it’s Tax Deductible State after removing the HDD’s and fitting new ones but we left these blank so whoever got the Hardware eventually there was no possibility of Recovering any Data off the Drives. But this is no longer done as it’s too Labour Intensive and the costs are just too great. HDD’s are removed because most of the customers have Legislation in Place Mandating what happens to old Hardware or HDD’s at least so we have our hands tied there anyway.

As for Friday Night Music, I don’t actually have a Life anymore so I don’t visit in there because I’m way too cheap and will not buy the Add On for my Life. Right at the moment with the end of the Financial Year a few days off things are insane here so I get very little time to do anything at all not work related right at the moment though Next Month things should settle down to a more normal workload.

This time around, Old Mycroft asked the following question: “What do TR members call their computers?” Since Old Mycroft bought a new phone, let’s help him name it! Send answers to his question, plus name suggestions for his phone, to TROL at but not least, I’d love to see some more photos of TR members, even if they are from more youthful days, and photos of TR member’s pets — that’s pets as in animals.
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