TROLOV (TR Out Loud on video) goes to greater links to educate and entertain the TR community in even less time this week! Find out which discussions and members are hot on the boards, and see what interesting e-mails Sonja received for the show. If you’re not a fan of video (sorry about the Flash, Jaqui), you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. Do you use the Objectives section on your resume?
  2. Sanity check: Is Apple’s sway over the media and tech now complete?
  3. Offshore developers: Focus on comprehension rather than speed
  4. Security alarmism helps the bad guys win
  5. Boss wants my wife’s cell # when we go on Vacation – would you give it?

Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?

  1. OH Smeg and True Blue (12 thumbs)
  2. Peconet Tietokoneet (10 thumbs)
  3. nepenthe0 (5 thumbs)
  4. robo_dev (3 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week?

  1. jdclyde (360 posts)
  2. Absolutely! (234 posts)
  3. w2ktechman (164 posts)
  4. OH Smeg (143 posts)
  5. boxfiddler (142 posts)

* Did I get it right this week, Col? 😉

Voice messages, e-mails, and photos

Alright, so we didn’t get any voice messages this past week. On the bright side, there were a few e-mails and pictures that trickled in. I’ve listed the senders below, all of whom are eligible for TR swag. Keep ’em coming folks!

  • gadgetgirl (GG): Thanks for the pic with the snazzy booby top and all the great comments and suggestions for TROLOV. One of GG’s suggestions was for a Video Spotlight. Anyone want to volunteer?
  • faradhi: He and his wife started a blog about their experience fostering children. Check it out at
  • Hal 9000: Wow, that one picture was scary – but thanks for sharing the story. The pictures I featured on video this week include his low-end workstation and one of him riding a crotch rocket at 135 mph.
  • Absolutely!: Here are the links that Abs wanted to resurface now that home loans are in the news again:
  • CG IT: Love the TR coffee mug on the test rack! Can I feature the photo of you next time, pretty please?
  • BlazeEagle: Here’s a silly robot dog — WowWee’s Wrex the Dawg
  • Also, a special thanks to my mom and aunts for volunteering their fun vacation photo for this show. Okay, so they didn’t actually volunteer the photo. I haven’t lived at home in forever, but I am still SO grounded.

How to earn fame and free stuff

Please send in your questions, comments, or weekly scoop on technology, the TR forums, or life in general (hint: pictures and even video clips are fun).

Send an e-mail to TROL at or call toll free (866)-414-CNET (2638). You can also leave a voice message on Skype at TR Out Loud (tr.out.loud). If I share your e-mail or voice mail in next week’s show, you can have your pick of some free TR goodies, including mugs, shirts, toolkits, frisbees, disposable cameras, and the following list of premium products:

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  • Administrator’s Guide to Active Directory, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Security Survival Guide, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Professional’s Guide to Project Management, Volume 2 (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • Administrator’s Guide to TCP/IP, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • Administrator’s Guide to Windows Server 2003 (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Manager’s Guide to Business Strategy (Workbook with CD-ROM included)
  • IT Professional’s Guide to Desktop Control, Second Edition (Workbook with CD-ROM included)