This episode of TROLOV — or TR Out Loud on Video — might be a little long-winded, but it includes a lot of great stuff, including the weekly highlights on the site, member contributions, and information about TechRepublic’s recognition with various Digital Azbee awards. If you’re not a fan of video, you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. Recent court rulings could make weight an issue in hiring
  2. Will the real “new” features in Windows 7 please stand up
  3. 10 reasons Ubuntu 9.10 will be a game changer for business
  4. Evil Maid: Road warriors beware
  5. Verizon Droid: Doesn’t match iPhone, but brings Android out of beta

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Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena over the past week

  1. Jacky Howe (22 thumbs)
  2. OH Smeg (8 thumbs)
  3. NickNielsen (7 thumbs)
  4. OldER Mycroft and —TK— (4 thumbs)
  5. TheBOFH, SinisterSlay, and Dedlbug (2 thumbs)

Most Comments in the TR Forums this week

  1. Deadly Ernest (183 posts)
  2. Palmetto (123 posts)
  3. Jacky Howe (92 posts)
  4. santeewelding (85 posts)
  5. Oz_Media (79 posts)

TR Member participation

Many thanks to jamesski, Maxwell Edison, GSG, cgeifer, Hal 9000, BFilmFan, jck, and DblEdgeSword for participating in the show. These folks are eligible for some free TR swag!

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