In this spooktacular episode of TROLOV — or TR Out Loud on Video — Sonja Thompson gives the TR community plenty of costume ideas for Halloween as she runs down the weekly highlights at TechRepublic. If you’re not a fan of video, you can choose to just listen to the audio file.

Top discussion threads:

  1. Cybersecurity: Is the U.S. Government doing enough?
  2. Social Networking: Why is the CIA interested?
  3. IT leaders trust Microsoft more than Google, 2-to-1
  4. Create a Windows XP and 7 dual-boot system staged for an easy migration
  5. FNM – Women in Rock and Roll

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Last week’s Question of the Week was submitted by yours truly: “What new feature(s) in Windows 7 do you find most impressive?”

Jacky Howe: “The most impressive feature in Windows 7 for me is its ‘Driver Detection.’ I haven’t had to find a driver for any of the systems that I’ve installed on Windows 7, such as my networked HP printer that’s also connected to an XP system and even a Logitech webcam. There are many other features that I like, but that’s the one that stands out for me.”

Hal 9000: “That’s easy. I just love the new lights that appear on the screen as the OS starts to load and fly all around to resolve into a Microsoft flag. It looks so pretty. As for what the OS does – come on, it’s an operating system, not a religion. Every OS should try to be invisible, because they are only there as a platform to run the necessary applications. Oh, and Quake 4 doesn’t work on it, so it’s no good. What more is there to say?”

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