When Windows Vista was first released, many early adopters complained of device driver incompatibilities with older hardware. Since then, most hardware vendors have released updated, Vista compatible drivers, but unfortunately even updating your drivers doesn’t always put a stop to erratic driver behavior. In this IT Dojo, I’ll show you two handy tools that can help you solve those pesky Vista driver problems–Driver Query and DriverView.

For those of you who prefer text to video, you can click the Transcript link that appears below the video player window or you can also read Greg Shulz’s article, “Troubleshoot Vista system drivers more efficiently with these tools,” on which this video is based.

For help troubleshooting driver problems, check out my previous IT Dojo video, Find and delete hidden Windows Vista and XP device drivers,” which shows you how to uncover old Windows drivers and root them out of your system once and for all.

I’d also like to find out which party garners most of your ire when you troubleshoot driver problems.

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