Video: What is Timebanking? Why some call it the true sharing economy

How Timebanking lets you swap good deeds with neighbors and creates community by making everyone's time worth the same amount and then swapping the value of those deeds.


Across the globe, people are coming together to share. They plant flowers in their neighbor's yard. They teach each other to cook. They help out with home repairs.

These aren't just your friends--or even your neighbors. They're Timebankers. Timebanking is a global movement to create communities through sharing.

In Timebanking, everyone's "hour" is exactly the same. One hour of yoga equals one hour of yard work, which equals an hour of volunteering at a community event.

And Timebanking isn't like other "sharing economy" staples like Uber and Airbnb. No one here is making a profit.

Instead, Timebanking is about community. To learn more, read TechRepublic's feature article on Timebank.

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