One of the easiest ways to locate available resources on
your Windows 2000 Professional network is to open the My Network Places folder
and browse through it to find the resources you need. In some situations,
however, browsing isn’t practical. For example, when you work through a VPN
connection to a remote network, you might prefer a quicker, more direct way to
find the available resources on a specific target computer. The NET console
command offers that direct method.

To view resources shared by a specific computer, whether
located on your local segment or on a remote segment, use the following

NET VIEW \\computer

Replace \\computer with the name or IP address of the remote
computer. The resulting output shows the share name, resource type (such as
Disk or Print), and a comment. You can then use the NET USE command to map the
resource to a local drive letter or printer port.

For help on either of these commands, open a command console
and issue the command NET HELP VIEW

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