Today I read something I nearly couldn’t believe. Micro$oft came out to say that it was only going to “allow” but ONE significant hardware “change” before support remediation must be used. 

Say what? So MicroShaft is saying that people that actually purchase the new Vista OS are only going to be able to make one upgrade before they might have to PAY for another license? 

That’s right. The actual language in the agreement says:

“The first user of the software may reassign the license to another device one time. If you reassign the license, that other device becomes the ‘licensed device.'”

A spokesperson from MicroShart was quoted saying:

“Validation will fail if the software detects a substantially different hardware configuration. At that point, the customer is able to use the one reassignment for the new device. If, after using its one reassignment right, a customer again exceeds the tolerance for updated components, the customer can purchase an additional license or seek remediation through Microsoft’s support services.”

So, your hard drive fail – you get one mulligan. But when that motherboard fails you’re gonna be buying Vista once again. Oh joy. Oh rapture! Thank you so much MicroScam for giving us all the opportunity to open our wallets up twice for you…

Oh wait…I can download the latest open source operating system that fits my needs, burn the iso onto disk (with k3b thank you very much), and install it on as many computers as I want. And on those computers I can change out hardware at will with no consequence.

So tell me again why people are choosing an operating system from a company that has continued to gouge the public for every penny it can? I certainly can’t figure it out. I’ve been using open source operating systems for over ten years now and I’ve not missed a beat with the computer industry. So, why is it people think they need Vista? 

Is it the pretty interface? Well, KDE can whip up just as much transparency as Vista (and has been able to for quite some time.) Is it the hardware recognition? Can’t be that because Vista seems to only want certain hardware. Is it the support? That’s certainly not free nor reliable.

So what is it? What is it that draws people to this Monolithic monster?

Or maybe they won’t be so drawn this time around. Maybe MicroSchlep has pretty much run their course. Maybe now’s the time for the open source community to attack. When the best M$ can do is demand your credit card numbers the open source community can offer up an even better computing experience without the user having to so much as pay for a license ONE TIME.

Attack open source! Attack!