The Job

Windows Vista boasts a slew of new features, altered keyboard shortcuts, and a new security model that, upon first glance, may make even the most experienced Windows security guru squeal. But not all OS settings, out of the box, are tweaked to your specific usage and needs.

The Tool

Vista Manager is an application that provides a front-end interface to many different OS and application settings within Vista. In addition to giving access to many, sometimes hidden settings, Vista Manager also integrates many freeware utilities used for general maintenance on your PC. Is it the Right Tool for the Job? I took a stab at tweaking my Vista laptop so I could bring you my take on Vista Manager. Here’s what I learned.

Vista Manager’s strengths

o Provides central location for many “buried” Vista tweaks.

o Provides a TON of tweaks. Very informative tool tips helps guide the intermediate user.

o Creates system restore point after every change, making it difficult for users to get themselves in trouble.

Vista Manager weaknesses

o Misspellings littered throughout application

o Doesn’t consider 3rd party browsers (Firefox, etc.) in its adjustments.


The Right Tool for the Job?

Tweak Manager is definitely the Right Tool for the Job. Users of all calibers will find the software extremely useful. The descriptions and tool tips offer enough guidance for inexperienced users to judge whether they should be messing with that tweak in the first place, whereas experienced users will find the tool invaluable as a central front-end for dozens of useful tweaks, system utilities, and freeware apps.

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