The highly anticipated Vista SP1 could be released on Feb. 15, or even within the next few weeks, according to sources close to Microsoft. Microsoft has declined to comment so far on the Feb. 15 date, reiterating what we already know — that the software will be released in the first quarter.

Excerpt from PC World:

Chris Swensen, director of software industry analysis for the NPD Group, said that analysts have heard Feb. 15 as the target for SP1, but it’s not something Microsoft would confirm publicly to give itself time to make adjustments in case of negative feedback on the current release of the software.

While no one could confirm the Feb. 15 speculation, several Microsoft partners said they do expect the software soon. One of the explanations offered is the strength of the current release candidate, or RC.

Many people are optimistic that the SP1 milestone will herald a new wave of adoption of Vista, especially among business customers. SP1 also coincides well with the release of Windows Server 2008, due on Feb. 27.

Does your company have any plans to roll-out Vista upon the release of SP1?