VMware and Amazon to expand cloud global reach with new facilities

Sources indicate that VMware and Amazon are opening new data centers and facilities to extend access and reduce access latency for users around the world.


VMware sets course for Japan

VMware appears intent on opening a centrally-located data center in Kyushu, Japan, according to job postings on the VMware jobs website, with postings for Senior Data Center Operations Manager, whose job description includes "[responsibility] for the day to day activities of the vCHS Operations team in Japan, which will include data center operations and support functions."

VMware also posted a job listing for Data Center Engineer, with responsibilities that include perform system implementation and change configuration on internal cloud systems, perform Datacenter operations responsibilities, rack, stack and cable as needed for new and existing equipment in the data center, and respond to customer escalated issues, primarily by web interface, telephone and e-mail.

At present, VMware does not have a publicly disclosed presence for the vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in Japan. Kyushu is a geographically advantageous location for East Asia, with relative proximity between points via undersea cable. For the Asia Pacific region, Amazon has facilities located in Sydney, Beijing, Singapore, and Tokyo. Microsoft Azure facilities are in Singapore, Hong Kong, and two locations in Japan: Saitama and Osaka. Google's footprint in the region is somewhat smaller, with disclosed facilities in Taiwan.

AWS activates accelerated Australian access

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new site in Sydney, Australia for the direct connect service, which allows organizations to create a direct network connection between their hardware and AWS resources. This is, in addition to the Equinix Sydney 3 facility, 5 kilometers south of the Global Switch SY6 data center, the new facility added to Amazon's direct connect service.

The new facility is somewhat more centrally located in Sydney, indicating the addition of the new direct connect services is an expansion, not a signal of a conflict with Equinix.

Amazon eyes cloud expansion into Germany

An investigation into the network activity of Amazon by Nils J√ľnemann, the VP of operations at Bitplaces, a Berlin-based networking startup, uncovered systems in operation that identify as "eu-central-1," with traceroute information going to "Frankfurt am Main." Previously, the only European infrastructure in AWS is "eu-west-1," located in Ireland.

Andy Jassy, the Senior Vice President of AWS, indicated to the Wall Street Journal in March 2014 that Germany is "'one of the few countries' where customers are asking for a data center 'on their own soil.'"

Due to the time, expense, and difficulty of building a data center, this new apparent addition to AWS is greatly unlikely to be a direct response to recent disclosures made about the security of communications in and outside of Germany. Despite this, the potential that some speedup of this rollout could have occurred as a result cannot be ruled out.

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