Virtual Iron is another option in the server virtualization space that takes advantage of the Xen hypervisor. It is surprisingly powerful and much cheaper to implement than a VMware or Microsoft solution.


Virtual Iron is another server virtualization vendor that packs a punch but is much cheaper to implement than a VMware or Microsoft solution. Virtual Iron is based off of the Xen hypervisor.

You have the option of a Single Server edition, which carries limited functionality (similar to Citrix Xenserver), and the Extended Enterprise Edition, which allows you unlimited virtual servers. The cost of Virtual Iron is free for a single server and $799 per socket for an Extended Enterprise Edition.

One feature of Virtual Iron that I like is the live migration of virtual machines. For example, if you have a slow performing machine that is currently running and you want to move it to a less resource-intensive machine, you would simply choose your VM and move it to the faster machine using the management dashboard.

Virtual Iron is definitely worth a closer look. You can read up on it by following this link.

Virtualization Coach’s take

Just because a vendor tells you they are the best, and they may be, it doesn’t mean they are the best solution for you. It is important to research each vendor on your own and make a choice that fits in with your organization. Many clients that I know have implemented a VMware solution only to be burned in that they didn’t need all the functionality they paid for. Before choosing your vendor, find out what your company needs and then shop yourself around. You will be surprised with how the vendors will meet your needs and possibly give you the “deal of a lifetime.”