VMware has released its Infrastructure 3 suite, which incorporates several features for an enterprise virtualization solution.

A quote from the article at TechNewsWorld:

“This is the dawn of the virtualization era, and virtualization is going to be huge,” Endpoint Technologies Associates Founder and President Roger Kay told TechNewsWorld, adding that eventually all corporate computing, including storage and clients, will likely be virtualized. “These [technologies] are just beginning to come into their own.”

The third-generation of the virtualization suite builds on the foundation of two previous releases to provide infrastructure-wide management “independent of the application/operating system workloads” and underlying hardware.

Features include:

  • Support for Serial ATA local storage, 10 GB Ethernet, and Infiniband
  • VMware storage Vmotion
  • VMware Update Manager
  • VMware Distributed Power Management

The server is targeted at the SMB segment, and a review is available at eWEEK.

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