On Monday, at the VMworld 2017 conference in Las Vegas, VMware unveiled a host of new cloud services that aim to improve visibility, monitor costs, enhance analytics, and increase security.

By improving transparency across cloud platforms, the new services could help businesses centralize their approach for a multi-cloud strategy, according to a VMware press release. Here’s a brief snapshot of the six services announced at VMworld.

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1. VMware Discovery

The main goal of Discovery is to help businesses get a better handle on their cloud resources and reorient them to better fit their needs, according to the release. The automated service takes inventory of these cloud resources and combines it with cloud account information to help IT find and manage certain workloads.

“Using native cloud tags and properties that have been identified, customers can group cloud resources even if they span across multiple clouds,” the release said.

2. VMware Cost Insight

VMware Cost Insight does just what the name implies–helps IT analyze cloud spend and find areas where the business can save money. By improving cost transparency, business leaders can make sure that they are investing in the right cloud tools to drive business initiatives forward, the release said.

3. Wavefront by VMware

Wavefront offers analytics and insights on cloud-native apps, the release noted. Developers can customize the tools to meet their particular needs, and the insights Wavefront offers can help DevOps see if certain apps are performing properly, and make sure critical services are available.

4. VMware NSX Cloud

Businesses with apps running across multiple private and public clouds can monitor their networking and security needs through a single interface with VMware NSX Cloud.

“Micro-segmentation security policy is defined once and applied to application workloads running anywhere – in cloud virtual networks, regions, availability zones – and across multiple clouds,” the release said. “Overlay networking enables more precise control over topologies, traffic flows, IP addressing, and protocols used in public clouds.”

5. VMware Network Insight

VMware is offering Network Insight as a means for IT to analyze security and network traffic among its public clouds and software-defined data centers. With this service, NSX deployments are easier to troubleshoot at scale, the release noted, and businesses can more effectively plan their cloud security strategy.

6. VMware AppDefense

AppDefense protects apps and data running in vSphere. After learning the intended state of an app, the service can compare that against its current state and automate a security response.

All of these services are initially available in the US, as of this announcement. Additionally, VMware Cloud on AWS is now generally available.