Is VMware’s Virtual Datacenter OS vaporware or the real deal?


I have spent the good part of the day trying to get to the bottom of just what VMware’s Virtual Datacenter Operating System (OS) is, and I have come to the conclusion that it is nothing concrete; it is too soon. So here is my best guess as to what it is. It seems to me that a bit of restructuring of current products with new products will emerge as VM Infrastructure morphs into what will be called a Virtual Datacenter OS (VDC-OS).

Figure A

VMware’s graphical representation of the Virtual Datacenter OS

The VDC-OS is made up of several components. They are:

  • Application vServices –Today this consists of Vmotion, storage vMotion, VMware HA, and VMware Consolidated Backup. In 2009 we will be looking at a product called VMware Fault Tolerance.
  • Infrastructure vServices –The goal here is to provide you with infrastructure services that lower your TCO through the following services: vCompute, vStorage, and vNetwork. For more information on these services and a Flash demo, see
  • Cloud vServices — According to VMware, “VMware vCloud is a common set of cloud computing services for businesses and service providers –- with support for any application or OS and the ability to choose where applications live, on or off premise. The core components of the vCloud are the ecosystem of VMware Ready vClouds delivered by industry-leading service providers, broad set of applications delivered as Virtual Appliances, and vApps on a foundation of VMware technologies including the VMware Virtual Infrastructure and the vCloud API.”
  • Management vServices –This is where you would manage your VDC- OS.

Figure B

VMware’s graphical view of Cloud vServices

If you are still scratching your head over what VMware’s Virtual Datacenter OS is, join the club! Hopefully we will get some better information on this from Dr. Stephen Herrod, CTO, VMware. He will be discussing the future of virtualization. He might be able to provide more of the technical information so we can sort through the fluff.