On Tuesday, at the 2016 VMworld conference in Las Vegas, VMware announced that vSphere Integrated Containers was getting a boost from two new open source software projects that could help improve the management and delivery of containerized applications.

VMware originally announced vSphere Integrated Containers back in 2015, built around the Container Engine, which integrated with Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry. With the two new enhancements, VMware’s Kit Colbert said that the company is adding a container registry and a management portal as well.

“A significant challenge for most enterprises is moving their containerized applications into production considering the variety of operational requirements,” Ray O’Farrell, executive vice president and CTO of VMware, said in a press release.

The first tool announced was Project Admiral, which a VMware press release described as: “A built-in container management portal for VMware vSphere Integrated Containers that developers and application teams can use to accelerate application delivery.”

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Admiral, in tandem with vRealize Automation, will allow users to both model containerized applications and deliver containers-as-a-service (CaaS), according to a VMware press release.

The second tool is called Project Harbor. In a press release, VMware described it as: “An enterprise container registry that is built into VMware vSphere Integrated Containers. Based on Docker Distribution, VMware has added several enterprise features including user management and access control, policy-based image replication, support for audit and logs, a RESTful API for integration, among many others.”

VMware also announced that it was expanding its ecosystem around vSphere Integrated Containers to help “accelerate the adoption of cloud-native applications in the enterprise,” VMware said. The initial partners include CoreOS, Hashicorp, Mesosphere, Pivotal, and Rancher.

The extended focus on containers falls in line with VMware’s focus on next-gen data center technologies at VMworld 2016. The company has announced updates to its hybrid cloud and SDDC strategies as well. The container piece makes sense, as research firm Gartner recently posited that containers would change data center operation and strategy in the future.

The beta program for the new version of vSphere Integrated Containers is open now. Interested users can apply here.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. VMware’s vSphere Integrated Containers is getting updates from open source projects that will add a management portal and a container registry.
  2. The open source projects are called Admiral and Harbor, and could potentially make it easier for IT to deploy production-ready containers.
  3. Containers join SDDC and hybrid cloud as some of the main focuses of VMworld 2016.