Think about it a minute, would we have Skype and other Internet phone services if we didn’t have net neutrality?

Do you really believe that the big phone companies which control the pipelines would allow small competitors to eat their lunch if they weren’t forced to do so?

Why do you think they made such a big push for a two-tier Internet?

Fortunately for all of us, the 109th Congress died before the Republican controlled House and Senate could pass Senator Ted Stevens’s bill which would have made it nearly impossible for major new innovations to make it into cyberspace where they could sink or swim based on their merits rather than on how much money they had behind them.

Other innovative ideas which could have died with net neutrality are:
Afordable online education,
Streaming video from anyone except a few major vendors,
The next big innovation in online gaming,
and, of course, a little thing called democracy.

Not to mention what you, or that geek down the street is thinking about developing next year.

And once again, sure just like You Tube, Skype is owned by a big company NOW, but they could never have been started without net neutrality guaranteeing the developers a level playing field.