In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, people are reaching out to help. Thousands of Americans are donating blood, others are donating money to the Red Cross, and many corporations are making contributions to the recovery effort.

TechRepublic wants to help by connecting those in need with those willing to help. Since our membership is comprised of IT professionals, they are most likely to donate technical services or equipment to other businesses affected by the tragic events.

If you would like to volunteer your professional services or donate office equipment or hardware, please post a description of the help you can provide at the bottom of this article. If your business is in need of goods or services due to the attack, use this forum to ask for help. Remember to include your contact information. (Please reserve this discussion for volunteer listings. If you want to post general comments or condolences, please use this link.)

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Companies offering services
The following is a list of links to a few of the companies donating services:

  • CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. of Toronto and Armonk, NY: The company is preparing to provide emergency assistance to any business that has lost critical computer data as a result of Tuesday’s disaster in New York City. CBL’s laboratory can be reached online or by calling 1.800.551.3917.
  • Gartner: This research and consulting firm based in Stamford, CT, has made its research available to those who need help with IT disaster recovery, business continuity planning, security, or related matters. If you require Gartner content for emergency decision making, please click here for contact information. New research on relevant topics is being posted frequently to with open access. Click here for the latest updates.
  • 3rd Millennium Management: This communications, finance, and business development consultancy is offering free communications assistance, including contacting employees and their families; developing crisis communications and contingency action plans; and reaching out to customers, clients, and investors. If you require emergency communications assistance, please call 3rd Millennium Management at 973.633.0888.

Do you need help or would you like to donate help?

If your organization or business needs help with IT issues or if you want to offer goods and services, post your message here. Be sure to include contact information so businesses can respond. (Unfortunately, even in tragedy, there are those who take advantage of others. Please respond to these requests with caution and take steps to confirm the legitimacy of a request for goods or services. Likewise, take necessary precautions when accepting help from a person or organization offering assistance.)