VR and your brand: 4 things you should know

Before your brand dives into virtual reality, consider these 4 tips for VR success.

4 things your brand should know about virtual reality

Virtual reality is getting tons of buzz these days. It's exciting but also, not really new. Like, at all. However, if you're finding yourself staring at an Oculus Rift... or this thing... and trying to figure out what to do with it brand-wise, there are some important things to consider. And honestly, what a lot of this boils down to is keeping a cool head in the midst of hype.

I'm Erin Carson, and I'm going to tell you 4 things your brand should know about virtual reality.

First, it's not for everyone. Every time there's some new like a hot platform or piece of technology, people tend to freak out a little. The fact is, virtual reality may not be right for your brand. If you don't have resources for good hardware and strong software, plus actual justification for how it fits into your business objectives, hold off until you've got that figured out. In other words, don't get carried away.

Second, educate yourself. Before making any decisions, learn as much as possible about the different hardware and software offerings out there. Otherwise, it's easy to get into trouble with misguided expectations about anything from what makes for a good VR experience, to how it actually works, as well as what the best option for your specific use is.

Third, think about your business application. What's your business? How do you help customers? Most importantly, what is it that you offer that would provide an extra benefit if it existed in virtual reality?

Fourth, find a partner with experience in VR. Everyone's fond of saying these are early days for VR, and that's mostly true. That also means there are many kinks to work out. So, a smart idea is to work with folks who have dealt with at least some of them before.

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