Vuze Studio Mobile App
Ant Pruitt

I reviewed the Vuze XR camera a few months back. I enjoyed the device, but had a few quibbles with the ecosystem. Particularly, the Vuze Studio App wasn’t my favorite.

Well, the team at HumanEyes heard my thoughts and took action. Who am I kidding? The team already knew the limitations of the Android app was working on it. The updated mobile app is now available.

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Director’s Cut feature

Previously, the Vuze VR mobile app allowed you to control the Vuze XR camera with taps and swipes whether you recorded video or just took photographs. This hasn’t changed. Filters and color-correcting options remain intuitive. What’s new is the Director’s Cut option.

The Director’s Cut feature allows you to take your 360 or 180 degree video footage and export it as a flat video, which is playable on most video viewing platforms. What’s great about this is the “look here” feature within the editor. Essentially, the “look here” option is the equivalent to keyframing in video editors such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. As you set a keyframe, you’re able to specify the zoom range and point of view available in your 360 or 180 video.

For example, if you want the viewer to look at the left portion of your scene, just swipe the field of view to where you want them to look. If you want them to look back at the right portion, add a new keyframe, and the scene will rotate back automatically to the right based on the time interval between the two keyframes. In addition to setting the point of view, you can use your fingers on pinch and zoom to set the focal length and field of view. You can even zoom all the way out to create a “tiny planet” effect (Figure A). This was previously available on the iOS version of the app, but it’s now available on Android.

Figure A: Tiny Planet effect
Ant Pruitt

After you worked on the video inside of the Vuze Studio app, you can export it to your device for sharing or do even more editing inside of your favorite video editor of choice such as Premiere Rush or Final Cut Pro. This allows you to easily publish your content to your social media channels or YouTube.

Desktop version

HumanEyes also has a desktop version of the Vuze Studio app. The app does a good job harnessing the power of your computer’s CPU and GPU for a fairly smooth workflow. But, it could be better. Currently there’s no Director’s Cut option on the desktop version of the app, but it does include pretty much everything else. I reached out to the Vuze XR team, and they advised that the Director’s Cut effect pack is “coming soon.”


You can pick up the Vuze XR camera for $439. This is a much better value now that you have additional editing capabilities, especially when you couple it with an extended monopod for low-angle or high-angle video footage. Super smooth stabilization and captivating motion due to keyframes really steps up the production quality of your XR footage.

Have you tried out the Vuze XR? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to tag me on Twitter with some of your favorite footage.