In in our last episode, I confessed to overly complicating the Ubuntu

5.1 Live boot process. Well, I’ve learned my lesson, and this blog

entry is living proof, as I’m writing it from an Ubuntu Live session on

my laptop (any spelling errors are due to the crappy laptop keyboard;

next up for this little project is a KVM switch). I’ve got wired Web

access through the company network (no access to the Windows-based

company shares yet, but that’s for later), and I’m surfing hassle free

with Firefox–all of it plug-and-play with absolutely no configuration

on my part.

I’m almost ready to go ahead and install the onboard version, but my

cautious nature says I should play around on Live a little longer. Ah,

who am I kidding? Rushing headlong into technical projects for which

I’m wildly unqualified is what this blog series is all about. Next

stop, a failed install!

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