Yeah, so Wacky Linux lives to fight another day thanks to the legendary Wacky Linux Wireless Card–Sponsored by Palmetto.

Still, once we’ve got this wireless thing nailed down, and I maybe try

to tackle the laptop’s mysterious battery-related schizophrenia, I’ll

have a very fine working notebook running Ubuntu, that does everything I need it too. (Well, eveything short of play Quicktime movie trailers, but what can you do?) In other words, I’ll need a new challenge.

So, anybody up for teaching a n00b to become a Ruby developer?

Bare in mind, before anybody jumps at this, I haven’t coded in 6 years,

and the whole of my experience has been in either VB or true Basic. And

that experience amounts to about 12-15 programs, most of which involved

writing applets for a TI-82 graphing calculator to get me through high

school physics. (Yes, this is why I always get advanced physics wrong

in Geek Trivia.) I have absolutely zero experience with Object Oriented

Programming and/or Java, both of which heavily influence Ruby (or so

I’m told). When I say n00b, I mean n00b.

Still, if anybody out there has the gumption, this could be a heck of

an entertaining ride. (For those open-source aficionados out there, I

wouldn’t mind using the Wacky Linux Laptop as my dev box, either.) As

demonstrated with Wacky Linux, I’m more than willing to publicly

humiliate myself for the sake of the project. Plus, I’d like to think

I’m a relatively quick study who has a knack for blundering into common

mistakes from which others can learn (and laugh, more likely).

Also, I’m not plucking Ruby out of the air here; there’s talk of using

Ruby for some rapid prototyping in the dark and dusty dev corners of

TR. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands in on that. Plus, I’m full of

stupid Web 2.0 ideas, and it would be nice to try them out. In front of people. Who can mock me. At length. On a weekly basis.

So, if anybody is up for this, drop me a line. Otherwise, I’ll have to think of some other crazy self-improvement project.

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