Wacom continues entry-level product push with Intuos Pro Small

Wacom launches another tablet to not only work with seasoned professionals, but also lure beginners into the product line.

Image: Wacom

The Wacom team continues to offer beginner content creators a gateway into its professional line of products. Fairly new photographers, illustrators, and graphic artists tend to feel left out when it comes to having access to the premium line of creative tools Wacom offers.

Wacom recently launched an option for those newer content creators with its Cintiq line. Now, Wacom opens the same window of opportunity with its Intuos Pro line as it launches the Intuos Pro Small.

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Intuos and intuitive design

The Intuos Pro Small version is a different take on the the larger Intuos Pro tablets we've seen all over our favorite content creators' desks. This version tops out at 12.6 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches in size, making it more compact for your workspace or even your lap. Coupled with the Pro Pen 2 (included), you get a great tool for your creative tasks that allows you to dial into how your mouse cursor is used in tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. More than 8,000 points of pressure allows you to have your own brush sensitivity considered as you stroke your creative design.

Image: Wacom

I'm a fan of the regular Intuos product line, but I do admit sometimes I wish I had a more intuitive workflow with the Intuos's express keys along the top of the device. Sure, each button can be programmed to assist with certain keyboard shortcuts I use while editing a photo in Photoshop, but it doesn't always feel natural. The Intuos Pro Small offers a much more intuitive layout of express keys along the side of the device, allowing you to keep your hands in a more ergonomic position, and it provides a much easier reach to tap the buttons. There's also an integrated touch ring for even more software shortcuts. Multi-touch gesture control is also standard in the Intuos Pro.

Perfect for the desk, travel, or lap

Because of its small size, the Intuos Pro Small could be a great addition to your on-the-go creative workflow. The form factor leaves a small footprint on your desk workspace and allows you to slip it into your favorite gear bag for travel. Use the USB port to connect to your laptop or utilize the wireless dongle connection just as you would with a wireless mouse.

Image: Wacom

Pricing for the Intuos Pro starts at just $249. The medium and large are priced at $379 and $499, respectively. If I get my hands on a review unit, I'll be sure to let you all know my thoughts on performance and portability.

What do you think?

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