Envoy founder Larry Gadea is hoping a Twitter appeal combined with a very shiny object will solve his hiring problems. If you refer five engineers to his company, he promises to buy you a Tesla Model 3. The Twitterverse came through with its usual mix of skepticism and enthusiasm.

almost 30 open positions, including five in engineering:

  • Android Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Software Engineer – Backend
  • Tech Lead Manager

All the positions are full-time and based in San Francisco. Currently there are 135 people and two cool dogs working at Envoy. The job offers a decent-looking benefits package: Healthy lunches every day and weekly team dinners; monthly transportation and gym credits; unlimited vacations; full health coverage; and a 401K.

Envoy’s first product was visitor check-in software. The company’s iPad app allows visitors to sign in and print out a name tag. Envoy now checks in more than 100,000 people per day and the majority of users are outside the Bay Area and half are outside the US.

Gadea is working through grown-up problems now as a manager after years of working as a developer. At 18, he started as an intern at Google and worked there all through college. Next he was a backend engineer at Twitter. After a few years, Gadea was ready for a new adventure. He founded Envoy in 2013.

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Hiring is an expensive process, particularly if you are hiring a software engineer in the Bay Area. A lot of staff time and money goes into the task of finding a new employee:

  • Recruiter fees

  • Engineering time for interviews

  • New hire training

  • Bonus, relocation, etc

The final bill can add up to $50,000.

The Tesla Model 3 is $36,000. Tesla’s inventory in New York City currently has a bunch of white Model 3s starting at about $38,000. In the San Francisco inventory, there is a red Model 3 for $43,490. So, if it costs Envoy at least $250,000 to hire five engineers using the traditional method, it’s way cheaper for Gadea to buy a Tesla, even if he has to buy a few to get five viable candidates.

Image: Tim Stevens/Roadshow