Every technology decision has lock-in, Dave Bartoletti, Forrester Research analyst, says.

TechRepublic’s Conner Forrest met with Bartoletti at the 2017 VMworld conference in Las Vegas to discuss how the conversation on vendor lock-in is changing. “Every time you buy a piece of software, or decide to leverage a particular platform, you’ve locked yourself in to some degree,” Bartoletti said.

Within the past couple of years, businesses have chosen time to market, over their fear of lock-in. Companies would rather have the competitive advantage. It’s easier to do something quickly in a public cloud platform even if it means a little bit of lock-in, he said.

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The most risk for lock-in is around SaaS applications, Bartoletti explained. It’s a large commitment, and a shift that requires companies to change their business processes. However there is less worry around lock-in with public cloud platforms because of mitigating factors such as open source, since most public cloud providers base their most innovative products on open source tools.

“I think there is a concern about lock-in from the enterprise only because they aren’t going to be anymore hyperscale public cloud providers for the next couple of years,” he said. “We don’t see the competitive market changing at all globally, simply because the investment is just too high,” he said.

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