Without a doubt, e-mail is among the most important services you administer for internal and external clients. According to a study by eMarketer, 1998 saw the number of e-mail messages sent in the U.S. reach 9.4 billion each day. That’s 3.4 trillion e-mail messages in 1998, compared to the menial 107 billion pieces of first class mail sent in the U.S.

Numbers like this definitely underscore the importance of keeping your e-mail server in pristine shape. So to make sure your e-mail servers continue to cruise comfortably, you may want to check out ExchangeFAQ.com , a great source for Microsoft Exchange software and online resources.

This site’s main function is to act as a Web directory for three types of e-mail software: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client, and general e-mail servers. The site links to hundreds of e-mail software packages and makes finding the software you need easy, with 20 subject categories and an onsite search engine.

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Each software citation includes a short description of the software package, the software’s home page, and the developer’s e-mail address. The site concentrates on software for Microsoft Exchange servers by providing these categories:

  • Anti Virus
  • Antispam Tools
  • Auto Responders
  • Document Management & Workflow
  • E-mail Automation
  • E-mail Management
  • Fax Connectors
  • Other Gateways (Voice/pagers)
  • Reporting
  • Security & Encryption
  • Utilities/Miscellaneous

The Microsoft Exchange Server Software site also has software add-ons, tools, and stationery for Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client, as well as general e-mail software, including bulk mailers, client utilities, gateways, list servers, server utilities, SMTP/POP3 clients, and SMTP/POP3 servers.

In addition to software, ExchangeFAQ.com provides a host of links to information resources on e-mail. When you open this site, you’ll see snippets from articles on e-mail-related news. Unfortunately, although these pointers are up-to-date, they are often press releases instead of news articles. Other resources on the site include links to handy FAQs, links to newsgroups and user groups, lots of books and magazines, and certification information.
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