Money for tech dissectionTechRepublic is holding gadget-geek tryouts. If you make the varsity squad, we’ll give you money–and free tech. TR has a shortage of time and talent available to dissect home electronics and document the carnage, which we gleefully refer to as Cracking Open. If you think you can create a Cracking Open gallery as good or better than the TR pros, we’ll sign you to a paying contributor gig and arrange for a steady flow of free gadgets and gear that you can lovingly deconstruct.

Dissected XboxHere’s the deal: Submit your own Cracking Open gallery to TR editor Bill Detwiler (use the Send Private Message link on his contributor page). The gallery must include digital photos of the disassembled tech, along with captions explaining what is shown and how you took it apart. Extra points for flair, verve, and entertaining geekiness in both the visuals and text. The best submissions will be converted to galleries on the TR Web site, with the contributing members paid for their featured work. The best overall contributor(s) will be offered a regular gig creating Cracking Open galleries for TR–a deal which includes access to TR-purchased gizmos and gadgets.

Dissected GameCubeA few words of caution: This must be original content, you can’t copy the photos from someone else’s Web site and make up your own captions. The captions must be original, too. Also, we’d prefer it if you didn’t crack open a gadget we’ve already done. And for all you Brits, Aussies and Canucks out there, yes, this offer is open to persons residing outside the United States. If you can speak and write reasonable English, you’re eligible. (This will obviously rule out many candidates, Americans included.)

Questions or comments? Contact Bill or leave a reply to this blog post. Otherwise, get crackin’!