Throne of AsimovFound via SFSignal:

“You know you can watch the 2-hour premiere episode of Probe on YouTube? (We love you YouTube!) It has been uploaded in 5-minute pieces. Start with part 1 and follow the ‘related’ links for the other parts.

“What is Probe, you say? From the Asimov FAQ:

 “Asimov was credited as adviser and co-creator of this television series, which lasted for a 2-hour pilot and six 1-hour episodes on ABC in 1988 before a writer’s strike came along and ended the series. It starred Parker Stevenson as brilliant young scientist Austin James, who owned his own high-tech think tank consulting firm, and used his scientific expertise to solve baffling crimes as a sort of modern day Sherlock Holmes.”

I vaguely remember this show. I think I only caught one episode, which involved artificial lightning somehow. Considering I was 11 when it first ran, I’m not surprised it failed to grab me. I wouldn’t truly fall in love with hard sci-fi until much later. (And no, Star Trek doesn’t count as “hard sci-fi.” In fact, the purists will probably scold me for even using the term “sci-fi,” preferring “SF” instead, but that’s a rant for another day.)