My mornings here at TechRepublic are spent looking at stories and compiling the most relevant ones into the IT News Digest newsletter. My selections are based on what I think is important to IT professionals, or what I think you guys and gals want to read about. After I send the newsletter, I go through each of the stories and click the links to make sure they work and go to the right locations. If I find an error, I contact a editor via Yahoo Messenger, and they make the fix. It’s a beautifully orchestrated process.

However, there are times (like today) when I click a link, and it goes to the right location – BUT, I truly can’t believe what I’m seeing (you’ll understand my capitalization shortly… think “big but” – only another “t” to the [rear] end).

Here’s the article: “Goodbye songs, hello videos.” The gist of the article can be summarized in the intro paragraph: “Music and video are currently undergoing another unholy intermingling, once again in the form of the music video: iTunes and the iPod now support music videos, with the rest of the industry likely to follow suit. But this time, rather than extending music onto the television screen, the music/video hybrid could cause a fundamental shift in what ‘recording artists’ are recording and what music fans are consuming. In other words, the endpoint of all of this video/music intermingling could be that neither continues to exist in its current form, and we end up with something new.”

WARNING, a link in this story may not be suitable to click at work. In the third paragraph, look for the word “video.” User discretion is advised!!  Ok, I’m all about immediate gratification, so click here to view the wmv file. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!