Non-desktop computing devices have changed how people socialize and interact and have transformed the way content is created. Some of the greatest Internet success stories come from apps and communities that enable people to create, customize, and share their content rather than just purchase content that is prebuilt for sales. Apps create interactivity that can lend itself to a customized user experience, which is more satisfying to the user. So if you can make it easy for people to create and share content, they will use your app.

With iOS-based devices, content creation is usually at the forefront of the development process. Other platforms offer these capabilities as well, but none like iOS have really met the needs of those whose focus is content creation and sharing. Here are tips for building content creation apps:

  • Make your content interesting: If your content is compelling or you create a great way for people to create content, they will return. If you can provide incentives for people to share their content or content they have found, then you will have an even greater chance of success.
  • Make sharing simple: There are libraries that make adding sharing functionality easy. The process of sharing content must be as convenient as possible so users will be encouraged to The option for users to share content should be available anywhere, anytime; if they have to dig through options or views, those extra steps discourage sharing.
  • Make linking worthwhile: Whenever possible, make your sharing link back to where the content is coming from. Although it is good to share information, if the user allows it, sharing where the content is coming from is beneficial on all sides. Your app should have a website component for this to work best.
  • Compatibility conquers: The more places your users can share their content the better. It is good to make it possible for your users to share at major sites and services, but if they use unusual or niche places for sharing, they will be that much more appreciative if you can add compatibility there too.

Incorporate content creation into your iOS app

You can use your app to deliver great content in new ways that are compelling and profitable; for instance, subscription management technologies and in-app purchases, DRM, etc. have made apps the ideal method for distributing content. There are enough built in capabilities for an app to deliver almost any type of content to an end-user using any number of models for both content delivery and payment options even with advertising.

If you’re looking for ways to mix content creation into your iOS app, you should consider the following possibilities:

  • You can present static content in dynamic ways that people can share.
    Apps that present timely information such as news feeds, blogs posts, announcements, etc. are ideal for applications that focus on sharing. If people can be given an easy way to let others know of the content they have discovered, they are then transformed into a content creator. This transforms your app from being a content delivery system to being a content creation system.
  • You can create dynamic content based on user interactions.
    Picking your path to the outcome of a narrative is a form of content delivery that has existed in many forms for a long time. Apps are another form of potential user-driven narrative for which there are many examples in existence and countless others yet to be created.
  • You can package and deliver content created by users.
    If you are not going to create and package your content, then you can enable others to accomplish the task. There are many forms of content that people create or share that are not easily done or require special skills or knowledge to complete. Transforming a process into an app can be very compelling for developers who want to accomplish that task. If you create a way for people to distribute and share the content they create, you will have even greater chances for success. Apps that add value to other systems or simplify a process can be just as valuable and rewarding as creating a new type of content.


People are more interconnected now because of smartphones, tablets, and the Internet. If your app can become an essential part of how people create and share content with their devices, you will have a successful product.