With the number of Android apps on Google Play approaching seven digits, it may be easier to develop your app than to market it. One of the keys to getting your app to stand out on this very crowded playing field is to create buzz about your app, especially on social media. Another important strategy is to follow some basic tenants for making a strong impression on your app’s Google Play page.

Start marketing when you start developing

From the onset of your app’s creation, you should create a website or at the very least a blog about it and start promoting the app. Then, you need to make yourself known as an expert in your chosen field by contributing articles to other blogs or answering forum questions related to your target market. All of your contributions should reference your app in development and contain links back to your site.

An important element of using social media to get the word out about your app is to consider which social media platform is most appropriate for your app. For example, an app targeting the business user will usually be best promoted using LinkedIn rather than Viddy. A game app will probably focus on building the community via a friendly Facebook page that offers competitions and giveaways. And a photo-creating app will need a Pinterest page.

Optimize your app’s Google Play page

Once the development stage is complete, and you’re ready to put your app on Google Play, there are some standards you should follow to make sure your presence is appealing and helpful to potential downloaders.

  • Make your app name catchy and descriptive, yet also contain relevant keywords and URL-appropriate characters.
  • Make your app’s icon large, detailed in design yet not too over the top, free of words, innovative, and consistent with the app’s design.
  • Use the best and most relevant app screenshots rather than just your splash page.
  • Use high-ranking, single form (to save characters), localized keywords, and make sure to use every one of your 100 allotted characters.
  • Write a succinct and engaging description of your app. The first three lines should be exceptional, and the rest of the description should stress the app’s benefits over its features.
  • Provide accurate website and developer contact information. (Be sure to respond to any user’s requests or questions quickly.)

Get a little help from your friends

From the moment your app is placed on Google Play, you need to ask family, friends, and online followers to download it and hopefully give it a 5-star review. This is where all your hard work on social media sites should start to pay dividends.

Your goal is to crack the “Top,” Trending, Best Selling, and Staff Picks lists on the Google Play home page. Once your app makes it on any of these lists, your use of advanced analytics to monitor your market and then use push notifications to maintain not only the quality of your app but also marketing momentum is essential.

Jove Welner is the Co-Founder of App Champ, a viral community that uniquely rates new apps.