I attended a conference today on the subject of Data/Email

archiving (for compliance) and Storage Virtualisation.  Listening to the various addresses and

looking at the commercial offerings of the vendors who were present, I was

amazed how everything is geared for Windows, not one vendor could offer a

solution for a Linux/Unix platform.  One

company came close with their email archiving system, this acted as an SMTP

proxy/relay and archived data as it passed through, the vendor however didn’t

know whether or not the application was limited to running on a Windows base or

whether there is a Linux version available (that inspires confifence!).  Symantec had a very nice solution, however

again they only offer solutions for a Windows base, strange seeing as all of

their software is developed in .NET and is therefore a great candidate for use

with Mono.  Does anyone else find that large vendors are

becoming increasingly dependant on Microsoft infrastructure?  Any suggestions for compliant email and/or

data archiving solutions which will run on a non-Windows base?