Covering both sides of the spectrum — commercial and non-profit organizations, I collected my picks for examples of inspiring web designs for each. Follow the gallery links provided below to see my choices and feel free to add some of your own.


This gallery of inspiring ecommerce websites highlights examples of attractive and well thought out designs that go beyond the typical clutter and advertisement-strewn online stores that seem to find their way into many search engine results. Striking the right balance between great web designs and selling products online is a challenge, and the sites selected in this gallery exhibit an equalized approach. Below is a screenshot from Rapha, which makes athletic apparel.

Non-profit web designs

There was a time when most non-profit or charity organizations could hardly stand up a website, let alone get the attention of a worldwide online audience. Today, things have changed dramatically as many of the largely volunteer organizations maintain websites that surpass expectations, and even rival many expensive for profit companies in their web presence, especially considering the tight finances that many of them have to pitch into their design departments.

This gallery of thirty non-profit and charitable website designs showcases their up-to-date content, creativity, passion, innovation, and inspiration that make them stand out among competitors. Below is a screenshot from the World Wildlife Fund.