According to Gartner Group, Inc., at least half of Fortune 1,000 companies will dedicate 15 percent of all networking service spending to wireless voice and data solutions by 2004. By the same year, 80 percent of all enterprises that don’t use wireless management services will fall behind on their cost and performance objectives.

So how do you become wireless-ready? And how can you determine whether your organization is ripe for the wireless world? is an ideal resource to answer such questions and find answers to all of your wireless data technology inquiries. The site is the home of the Wireless Ready Alliance, a group formed by Sierra Wireless to raise awareness about the emerging technology.

What you’ll find
On the home page, you’ll find the latest news on the wireless market and links to member companies. The site also offers 10 tips to make your Web site wireless-ready, such as making content easily accessible, avoiding frames, and optimizing images.

The Wireless Ready Alliance presents its argument in favor of wireless data in its wirelessdata proposition , which promises that the new technology will further leverage IT spending initiatives and give workers access to data from anywhere, anytime. Both this section and the 10 tips are rather brief and may leave the reader wanting more case studies and better arguments in favor of wireless technology.

The most useful feature on WirelessReady is its Solution Center, which allows visitors to search for wireless solutions by industry, application, and solution component. If you work as an IT professional for a package delivery company, for example, you’d learn that wireless technology allows you to monitor unit locations and modify routes of the closest unit to provide the fastest customer response time. There are also success stories available for some industries.

The rest of the site
Other features include a primer on wireless data technology for both business unit leaders and end users. Here, the creators of WirelessReady are careful to explain the technology and its uses in layperson’s terms.

The site also offers a member directory , broken down by business function, including hardware and application vendors, service providers, enterprise connectivity and application service providers, and integrators.

We didn’t have access to the member portion of the site, but we learned from the FAQ section that membership in the Wireless Ready Alliance allows access to education, research, marketing opportunities, and partnerships.

While it won’t make you an expert on wireless data technology, WirelessReady can serve as a friendly front door to the market, plus provide you with background information you’d have to dig to find elsewhere.
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