Are you constantly looking for high-quality products and services to help meet the learning needs of your organization? While you certainly need specific courseware for technical issues, do you also need resources for the cultural and organizational issues that you face? If any of this rings true for you, you’ll want to check out this week’s Web site, University Associates .

About the organization
University Associates is an organization well known in the training and organizational development arenas. In business since 1969, University Associates helps managers and trainers become more effective through consulting, workshops, and special programs. Their site represents the nature of their work, revealing a refreshing organizational vision for trainers everywhere.

The home page lists an impressive selection of clients, including AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony Corp. The length and quality of their client list is not surprising based on their reputation and longevity and, more specifically, their 15 areas of expertise.

Content sections
The site, which uses frames, is divided into seven areas:

  • Our Consulting Staff
  • Public Training Workshops
  • In-House Training Workshops
  • Professional Certificate Programs
  • Consulting Services
  • Books and Training Materials
  • Client Support

Some of the sections are rather self-explanatory, so I’ll focus my review on some of the more content-rich sections that are especially noteworthy.

Public training workshops
This area lists 11 public workshops in three broad areas:

  • Organizational development
  • Training and development
  • Personal and professional development

Each workshop title is linked to a description page, which includes comments from past participants and information on the cost and length of the workshops. From each of these pages you can also go to a complete schedule of upcoming sessions.

In-house training workshops
The selection of 27 in-house workshops is actually larger than that of the public workshops. Along with the three categories of topics described in the Public Workshop section, an additional section, Leadership and Management Development, is added here. The breadth of these workshops is impressive and could become a complete set of offerings for an organization that is focused on outsource services or is growing so fast that developing internal workshops isn’t possible.

Other areas
If you’re looking for a more comprehensive development program for yourself or a member of your team, you may want to click on Professional Certificate Programs, where you can learn about University Associates’ three session Intern Program, each eight days in length.

For more tangible resources, the Book section has a good selection of titles, with pictures of the recommended books as well as links to an affiliated bookseller, but a short description of each book and the reason why each is recommended would have been a big improvement.

Overall impression
This is a well-designed and well-maintained site. It’s up to date and full of useful information about University Associates’ products and services. If you have needs for training or consulting services around organizational development and change issues, or want to build your internal competence in these areas, University Associates is a site you’ll want to visit.

Kevin Eikenberry is president of the Discian Group , a learning consulting company in Indianapolis, IN.

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