When you live on the edge of technology, you must keep your eyes open. But, as an IT pro, your busy schedule doesn’t always allow for time to patrol the Internet. After all, there are firewalls to maintain, staff to command, and protocols to adhere to. Rest easy. Web Sentinel stands watch for the newest and most useful ordnance that the Internet has to offer.

Every day the Web Sentinel Special Forces unit is your eyes and ears, delivering reports directly to your e-mail inbox. Your Web Sentinel reports range from handy admin utilities to entertainment that can help ease that worried brow of yours. Just take a look at some of the firepower Web Sentinel has delivered so far:

  • Backflip: Are you tired of wracking your brain for the URL for that killer site when you’re away from home? Backflip will remember for you and keep all your favorite sites at your fingertips—no matter where you are when you log on.
  • Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers: From the ABS Orb to the Zenith/Heathkit Z 110, they’re here, in all their… obsoleteness. Photos, technical characteristics, the history of each unit, plus any other juicy bits of information—all the data’s recorded here for posterity.
  • NetMechanic: You’ve put all this energy into developing your Web site, and you want to keep it fresh. Keep your site sharp, quick, and in top form—let NetMechanic crawl under the hood and do the dirty work.
  • Junkbusters: Want the tools to decide what comes into your home through your mailbox, your phone, and your computer? Visit Junkbusters, a site run by a nonprofit company dedicated to freeing the world from junk communications.
  • Perl Monastery: If you’re on the path to enlightenment, don’t pass up the Perl Monastery—a site for you to polish, improve, and show off your skills, surrounded by members of the Perl community ready to support and teach you.

To have a Web Sentinel assigned to your unit, all you have to do is sign up. You’ll be doing your outfit and yourself a favor.