In August of 2003, Kevin Koch began a nine-part series that explored and explained in detail the implementation of a B2B Web services application. He covered all the steps required to implement a collaborative Web services application, which included everything from requirements, to use cases, to database design, to component frameworks, to user interfaces.

The example scenario for this project consists of two fictitious companies: Tom’s Online Books, and John’s Wholesale Book Supplier. John’s company is merely a wholesale supplier of books. He has no storefront and no direct customer sales; he simply provides books at wholesale prices to other book suppliers. Tom’s company runs an online bookstore that allows Internet customers to purchase books through his shopping cart. Tom carries no inventory; instead, he accepts customer orders and passes them to John, who supplies the books.

To implement the applications that make this business-to-business collaboration work, Kevin developed a thousand-plus lines of code, presented numerous illustrative diagrams, and formulated a several informative tables. When the series ended in December, you had a complete Web services B2B solution that outlined the basic principles all developers should follow in their own projects. However, the information was spread out over several months and nine separate articles. thought this rich and extensive amount of information would make an excellent download for our members who wish to review the demonstration in the convenience of a single file. Point your browser to our download page and capture this sophisticated B2B application development from start to finish in our handy article compilation.