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SiteROCK claims to be your one-stop shop for remote e-commerce site management. If you administer an e-commerce site for your company, check out this week's WebReview for a look at what this site has to offer.

To quote Johnny Carson (as impersonated by Dana Carvey), “The Internet is weird, wild, wonderful stuff.” However, for network administrators responsible for maintaining a wide-area computer network, that weirdness can be a security nightmare. And for e-commerce, whether retail or business-to-business, the ability to maintain an Internet presence 24/7 is absolutely essential—if you want to last in the network administration business, that is.

The people at siteROCK believe they have solutions to your most critical e-business Internet security and maintenance problems. The Web site describes itself this way: “SiteROCK is the market leader in the rapidly growing field of remote e-commerce site management.” At the core of all of siteROCK's services are the remote 24/7 Reliability Operations Centers (ROCs), which “focus exclusively on optimizing the availability and performance of e-business systems.” Now, these are mighty impressive claims, but are they valid? According to the site, the company has achieved ISO 9001 certification for its services; so apparently, the claims do have some merit.

The siteROCK Web site is another fine example of corporate public relations and marketing on the Internet. The site is crisp and logically organized, with a no-nonsense approach to presenting the well-honed siteROCK corporate image. SiteROCK does a good job of laying out exactly what services the company provides and explaining how customers can access these services. The home page includes a display of several companies currently using siteROCK services—including Macromedia, Ask Jeeves, and Google. In addition, you’ll find a Customer Gallery that cycles through a display of other siteROCK clients. If you’re evaluating siteROCK’s much-ballyhooed services, you might find it useful to check out this lineup of current customers.

Monitoring and maintaining mission-critical e-commerce connections is a vital function of network administration, and obtaining proper professional services to secure these sites 24/7 is essential. The siteROCK Web site does a commendable job of explaining how they can deliver the solutions you need.

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