WebReview: Is now the time for eNow?

Do you know what's being said about your company (and your competitors) on the Internet? This week's WebReview looks at eNow, a company whose proprietary technology can bring you real-time information that's tailored to your organization's needs.

Recently, Mark Jakob, a former employee of Internet Wire Week Inc., was able to cover his margin call on a short sale of Emulex Corp. stock by disseminating false information about Emulex profitability. The false report was transmitted via the Internet in seconds and caused Emulex to lose over half of its market value in one afternoon. Quick work by the Emulex public relations staff to debunk the information helped the company recover nearly all of that value by the end of the trading day. Could your organization have managed a crisis like this so quickly? The Los Angeles-based eNow claims you can if you use their services.

Competitive intelligence is a high-profile buzzword these days, but the underlying principle of knowing the market and the pertinent information that flows through it is not hype at all. It is a necessary part of doing business, especially in the high-tech business arena. To help assess the information flowing over the Internet, eNow has developed a proprietary solution it calls the Information Exchange Platform (IXP). With IXP, you get a real-time content index that monitors thousands of live content streams on the Internet from sources such as financial services, public relations firms, newsgathering services, community sites, and major portals.

Information about these services is available at the eNow Web site. The site itself is very sparse, with a limited number of actual pages that explain the company’s background and describe their products. Unfortunately, the sparseness of the entire site means that visitors (i.e., potential customers) are left scratching their heads about exactly what eNow has to offer. The only way to find out more is to contact the company directly. Detailed information, perhaps even demo software, would have sold me on the company’s ability to provide the information promised by its proprietary IXP. Apparently, eNow has several patents pending for the technology and intends to preserve product secrecy, revealing detailed information only to serious customers.

The speed of information flow made possible by the Internet forces all information professionals to remain vigilant to data about the marketplace and their organization. The folks at eNow claim to have a solution that will filter the background noise and focus the acquisition of information to your organization’s needs. While the Web site provides contact information and marketing-speak product descriptions, detailed information will require more effort than clicking a mouse.

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