Just so nothing falls through the cracks, I’m going to start gathering up all of the relevant news and tidbits that get posted elsewhere on TechRepublic during the week, as well as a few other interesting items from our sister sites and around the Web. Feel free to add your own newsworthy links or blog posts in the comments below. Of course, your personal commentary is always encouraged.

I found the Ray Ozzie comments reported in Mary Jo Foley’s (ZDNet) blog pretty interesting. Basically, he said that even though Google was a strong competitor, he thinks that it’s open source that is really forcing Microsoft to improve and change their business. Oh, really? I thought it had the whiff of a “misdirection” about it. Appear strong where you’re weak and weak where you’re strong. Nah, we’re not worried about Google! (Whatever he was really saying doesn’t make the statement untrue, of course!)

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