Week in review: New products, trusted computing, and the perfect job

Catch up on the latest discussions, articles, and news items from and that you may have missed last week.

It's easy to let important or interesting news and information slip through the cracks. So, to kick off this week, here's a recap of some of those things you may have missed last week:

Switching Offices
Microsoft formally shipped Office 2003 last week. reported that Office 2003 can potentially be a bonanza for its partners, allowing companies, developers, and consultants new ways to access corporate data locked away in Office files. Jim Wells explained how Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Microsoft's latest iteration of NetMeeting, gives Office 2003 users the flexibility to share data in many new ways.

Me too! Me too!
While Microsoft was shipping a new version of Office, reported that Red Hat shipped a new enterprise version of Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0. TechRepublic members discussed ways of dual booting Windows XP and Linux on the same machine.

Who do you trust?
Microsoft has been working on "Trustworthy Computing" for about two years now. Tired of getting run roughshod over Microsoft's reputation in security, Steve Ballmer used a conference appearance to defend Microsoft's security efforts. TechRepublic'sScorp had his own views about what "trusted computing" means. TechProGuild members discovered some of the best practices to use to make Windows Server 2003 secure.

Nobody's perfect
When you've been laid off, you may be tempted to take the time to find the "perfect job" before you reenter the workforce. Molly Joss demonstrated how that can be a fruitless effort and that sometimes the perfect job is the one that's offered to you. TechRepublic members echoed her opinions.

If you want something done right…
The old cliche says you have to do it yourself when you want something done right. Unfortunately, because consultants can't be everywhere at once, subcontractors become necessary. Chip Nickolett showed the best way to pick partners and subcontractors to grow a consultant business.

Become a Visio guru
When it comes to network diagramming, Visio is just about the best solution you'll find. Jason Hinercollected some of the best TechRepublic articles about Visio, along with some Visio templates, into one admin resource.

You've got answers, we've got questions
TechRepublic members may enjoy debating issues in the Discussion Areas, but they also like to help each other with technical problems in the Technical Q&A area, earning TechPoints for each answer. Some of the questions asked last week include:

From the forums
Even though laptops, Tablet PCs, and PDAs have made mobile computing easier, TechRepublic members made their own predictions about the future of portable PCs. A constant favorite topic, outsourcing, generated a whole new thread of discussion as well. And if you thought that only operating systems generated passion among members, you missed the discussions over brand loyalty when it comes to PCs.

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