Mozilla Foundation’s marketing team heats up the battle between the browsers as they offer people the chance to “immortalize” their names in Firefox 2. See the news story: “Write your name in the Firefox code.”

According to the article, “To commemorate the three-year anniversary of the creation of the Mozilla Foundation on July 15, the open-source group announced that if a Firefox user persuades a friend to download the browser, both the user and the friend’s names will be added to the source code of the next version of the browser, Firefox 2.0.”

I don’t claim to know a lot about source codes, but is there a far-out, remote chance that this information could be used against people days, months, or even years down the road? I know that a name in and of itself can’t be traced to anyone’s private information, but what if an over-zealous IE fan (or other browser fanatic) makes it their mission to unveil and target these “immortalized” names? Call me paranoid, but I believe that given enough time and advanced technology, anything is possible. Personally, the “cool factor” of having my name in the Firefox source code isn’t worth even the thought of a potential risk. I’ll continue to use both IE and Firefox – but please, Mozilla, keep my name out of it.