Welcome Matt Asay, TechRepublic's newest enterprise columnist

TechRepublic has long been a haven of subject matter experts in technology and business and it's happy to announce a new contributor to its collective voice.


Matt Asay speaks out at OSCON 2006.
Image: Ted Leung/OSCON

I've known Matt Asay for years and have admired his writing for even longer, so I'm excited to announce that he's going to be doing a regular column on TechRepublic. In fact, he's already started.

Since the inception of TechRepublic during the original dot com boom, we have been recruiting technologists to write about big topics where they are subject matter experts. This has always helped create the kind of peer-to-peer experience that is core to the TechRepublic experience.

Matt helps us extend that tradition in an exciting new way. He currently works as the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, the software company behind the open source database MongoDB. He was previously the chief operating officer at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux. Matt also has a law degree from Stanford where he studied technology and the law, with an emphasis in open source licensing.

As a freelance writer and columnist he has written for ReadWrite, The Register, CNET (a sister site of TechRepublic), and many other publications.

For TechRepublic, he's going to be writing about the most important and timely issues in enterprise technology and business. Some of his topics will include cloud computing, big data, enterprise hardware, security and privacy, Android, software and web development, and, of course, open source.

Matt's first several posts have published over the past several weeks:

But, consider this post Matt's official welcome to the TechRepublic community. We're thrilled to add his voice to the collective wisdom pooled among our writers and readers!

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